Drone Building Surveys / Schedule of Condition Surveys

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Drone Building Surveys / Schedule of Condition Surveys 

Axiom provides in-house drone building surveys, offering high level access when required.

Drone surveys or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) surveys are an increasingly popular method of surveying projects.

One of the main benefits of drone surveys is the versatility they offer. Suitable for a range of services, drones offer an excellent option for inaccessible areas.

In addition, drone surveys are able to survey large, or high-up areas, allowing data capture to be quicker, safer, and less disruptive than other means. Drones can also be used alongside more traditional surveying methods.


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“We have been using AXIOM for eight years and we rely heavily on their wide range of specialist surveying services. They always provided a highly focussed, solution-based service, whatever our needs.”

Darren Keeys

HBG, Birmingham

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