Asbestos Project Management and Air Monitoring

Asbestos Division

Asbestos Project Management and Air Monitoring

Axiom Building Solutions can implement from cradle to grave, overseeing all aspects of asbestos project management on behalf of the client.

  • Axiom boasts a team of experienced professionals skilled in managing asbestos projects from inception to completion.
  • Regulatory Compliance, Axiom ensures strict adherence to the asbestos regulations, guaranteeing that all work is conducted in a compliant and safe manner.
  • Scope Development, working closely with our clients, we define project scopes, schedules, and budget requirements, tailoring solutions to specific needs.
  • Contractor Oversight, Axiom manages all facets of asbestos removal, remediation, or abatement, using in-house supervision of qualified staff.
  • Safety is paramount, and we implement rigorous control measures to safeguard workers, occupants, and the environment during project execution.
  • Documentation and Reporting, our project management services include meticulous documentation and reporting at each project stage, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Air Monitoring:

Air Quality Assessment, Axiom works closely with UKAS accredited air monitoring companies to ensure real-time air monitoring is undertaken to measure asbestos fibre concentrations during asbestos-related activities, assuring compliance with exposure limits.

Axiom Building Solutions’ asbestos project management and air monitoring services are dedicated to ensuring the safe and compliant execution of asbestos-related projects, prioritising safety, regulatory adherence, and successful project outcomes.


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