Wrekin Housing Group – Asbestos Removal – Donnington

Asbestos Removal for Wrekin Housing Group

Axiom were the first point of call for Wrekin Housing Group when Asbestos in eight buildings needed to be removed.

The large scale asbestos removal involved eight blocks of flats, and remediation for the project included the removal of asbestos insulation board in high level soffits.

The Donnington, Shropshire based project needed each building to be traditionally scaffolded with stair access included.

Works were carried out under License 2012 Asbestos Regulations. Each block of flats required five enclosures, and took five days’ work per block.

In addition, other remedial works on site included the removal of the building’s floor tiles, as well as asbestos chrysotile roof sheets from two blocks of garages (24 garages per block).





Peace of Mind

The Axiom team worked swiftly to remove and dispose of all asbestos safely, ensuring the site was clear of all asbestos and enabling Wrekin Housing Authority to have peace of mind regarding asbestos moving forward.


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