Parent’s call for exam mark-up after asbestos find

Parent’s call for exam mark-up after asbestos find

Professors at Durham University have said exam boards should compensate for the “lost learning” following school closures due to the use of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC).
The report, carried out by Durham University said affected pupils at St Leonard’s Catholic School, and others like it, should get a 10% exam boost.

One school in Warwick closed half of its buildings in September, suspecting Raac had been used during construction and therefore posed a risk of collapse. However, the school confirmed that following investigation, Raac was not present – but asbestos was confirmed within some buildings.

It described the presence of asbestos as a “primary concern”.



Special Dispensation

A parent of a pupil at the school has said that following the discovery of asbestos there, disrupted students should be given special dispensation.

The parent said even though asbestos-hit Aylesford School turned out to be Raac-free, the same should be applied.

Temporary classrooms were opened to compensate for the closures. With the disruption continuing into the new year, pupils have returned this term to the temporary provision.

The school said the removal of asbestos would not be completed until September 2024.

As a result, affected pupils should be compensated by exam boards with the proposed 10% mark-up, said Siobhan McKenna, mother of a Year 10 student preparing for her GCSEs.

Ms McKenna said it was “great news” Raac had been ruled out at Aylesford.
“But the problem now,” she said, “is that pupils had been affected in the same way as other schools that do have Raac, so if there are any boosts, is Aylesford going to get it?”

The government has previously told the BBC that it was not possible to give special consideration to some groups of exam pupils.

“The next step for us is to make sure that any concessions that Raac schools get also apply to us because [the students are] in exactly the same position.”